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Julian Barcuatro

Julian possesses a wealth of expertise as a highly accomplished entrepreneur, an exceptional marketing expert, and an astute brand strategist, accumulating an impressive 20-year track record in the field. Having established numerous thriving enterprises and organized successful events such as the Canada Coconut Festival, World Superfoods Expo, and World Coffee and Tea Expo, he has become renowned for his unrivaled passion for the realm of coffee, venturing across various coffee-producing regions and esteemed cafes to indulge in the finest brews available.

Julian's distinctive flair lies in his remarkable ability to swiftly comprehend businesses and artfully fashion impactful branding and marketing solutions. Having working projects from Fortune 100 companies, he boasts an impressive repertoire of 19 global IT industry certifications.

Leveraging his profound understanding of a wide array of industries, Julian expertly guides entrepreneurs in clarifying their vision, delineating their target demographics, and tailoring strategies to effectively engage them. Grounded in practical experiences of nurturing and expanding businesses from inception, his sagacious counsel proves invaluable to budding business owners.  An award-winning entrepreneur himself, Julian also shares his knowledge as an author, public speaker, and business mentor.